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Art and poetry e-chapbook by Kim Acrylic


A tale of love, death, sex, and illness weaved in and out of abstract surrealist poetry as if Jackson Pollock ate Picasso and vomited up Basquiat.


Praise for My Pink Skull


"Kim writes with elaborate accuracy using highly detailed images and starling prose. The writing is both enchanting and intriguing. It speaks of life and death and all the shades and variations in between. It‘s magic lines in the contemplation between each utterance. Each reads like a story of beautifully handled observation.”


—Miko Westmoreland, actor from the film Velvet Goldmine, and musician/singer in the band Micko & The Melotronics.


"I am writing this as I pick my jaw off the floor, having just finished Kim Acrylic's new chapbook MY PINK SKULL.


Footsteps are forever dangerous in her imagination of darkness," she writes in the first, eponymous poem. I can't think of a more apt description. This collection blends darkness and romance so well that one questions if you can have one without the other.


Kim is a master of description. Just read this line from the poem LAZY DAY BREAKDOWNS: 'My snow flavored scars read like braille against the fingers of my close captioned existence.' Just wow. I'm envious of her ability to craft adjectives as if they were naught but caterpillars that she turns into butterflies.


Kim has been writing since she was 15. Her experience shows in every word. The best way I can describe her would be if you took the beautiful, confessional poetry of Sylvia Plath and melded it with the haunting surrealist prose of William S Burroughs. It still wouldn't do her justice.”


—Robert J. W. (author of Dusty Video Game Cartridges and bed of bones)


"This was such a pleasure. When I was growing up I was really into William S.Burroughs and your work gives me the same thrill. You anyways fascinate me! Love!”


-Jared Gold (Fashion Designer)

My Pink Skull by Kim Acrylic

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